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Safe Countries for LGBTQ Travel

Staying safe while traveling is a priority for everyone, but it takes on an extra layer of importance for people in the LGBTQ community. There are places in the world where it simply isn’t safe to be identified as queer or trans. Fortunately, we have information that helps us navigate the world, see amazing places, and stay safe.

Asher & Lyric have a comprehensive overview of the countries of the world that gets updated every year. The map below gives a high level overview. 

Which Countries are the Safest for Lesbians and Gay Women?

The top ten according to the Asher & Lyric chart are Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Spain, and France. 


Safety Tips for Lesbian Travelers

Of course, no matter where you are visiting, you’ll want to follow basic safety rules. Every Queer has a great list of 40 Safety Tips for LGBT Travelers. Some of the tips are general travel safety tips and some are specific for the LGBTQ community. Here are a few tips that we think are really important:

Be aware of local gender expectations. For example, are females expected to cover certain parts of their bodies? You’ll want to follow the local gender expectations to avoid trouble. (In general, you’ll probably want to avoid countries that have heavy female restrictions.)

Have someone you trust know your itinerary. Give them copies of your passport, other IDs, credit cards, full itinerary, etc. Make sure you have someone back home who can help if something happens while you’re traveling. 

Find LGBTQ+ friendly businesses before you leave. Check out websites and social media. Find the places that are queer-owned and operated and the places that are queer friendly. 

Know the local laws in the country you plan to visit. And remember that local laws and social sentiment are not always the same. 

Be sure that sex toys are legal. In some countries, possession of sex toys can get you arrested. Know the laws and be careful what you pack. 

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