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Travel Information

What you need to know

We follow all local and national health guidelines for the places we tour. When necessary or advisable, we require masks, hand sanitizing, and other general COVID protocols. We work with our local partners including guides, transportation providers, accommodations and activity operators to ensure policies and procedures are in place for a safe experience for everyone.

Certain countries require particular vaccines (beyond COVID) for travel to those destinations. When you book a trip, we will advise you on the current health and safety requirements of your destination.

Here are the general CDC international travel requirements regarding COVID.

Lesmon Experience will keep guests informed of entry requirements, but ultimately it is the responsibility of each traveler to ensure they have met all requirements set by the destination country.

The USA lifted it’s negative COVID test for re-entry on June 12, 2022.

You can find the most up-to-date information regarding COVID and travel on the Department of State website

We have each traveler complete a Travelers Info Form to collect the following:

  • basic contact information
  • emergency contact info
  • arriving travel details
  • donation preference
  • health insurance details
  • pertinent medical information including allergies, pregnancy status, COVID vaccination status and other relevant information that a medical professional would need in an emergency
  • photo release
  • liability release

Each trip has a customized Travel Info Form. You can see a sample Travel Info Form here

We will help you find appropriate medical care should you experience illness. If you experience common COVID-19 symptoms you will need to see a doctor to be tested and cleared to continue the trip. We will help you with this process. We reserve the right to remove from our trips guests who are unwilling to be tested. We recommend all guests review their travel insurance to determine their coverage should this occur.

Absolutely! We are committed to protecting the safety and privacy of all of our guests and we are especially dedicated to our transgender, non-binary, agender, and two spirit travelers. We collect passport details including your documented sex marker but we respect your true gender identity. We will only share the sex marker listed on your passport with employees and partners on a need-to-know basis, and will consult with you on when this might be required.

We plan our trips for LGBTQ-friendly spots around the world, but, as you know, trans acceptance varies from destination to destination. We cannot guarantee the opinions and beliefs of locals you’ll encounter, we (Montse & Aimee) are lesbians and we will do our best to make sure you are safe and that you feel comfortable throughout your trip.

Lesmon Experience is a small company. Montse and Aimee lead all trips. We partner with other companies to provide special activities, accommodations, etc. but Montse and Aimee are with you every step of the way, ensuring a fabulous experience throughout your journey. 

We don’t require travel insurance, but we STRONGLY recommend it.  Your travel insurance should include medical coverage of US$50,000 and emergency repatriation coverage of no less than US$200,000. We also recommend that you consider personal liability, trip interruption, isolation costs if testing positive for Covid-19, and trip cancellation coverage that includes cancel for any reason (CFAR), if available in your home country. 

Our lawyers tell us that we cannot advise you on which insurance companies to purchase from. Any insurance purchase decisions are yours, and yours alone and we do not recommend nor endorse any specific services of any provider. You should phone or email your provider directly so you fully understand your coverage, including any impacts of Covid-19 and related government travel advisories on your coverage.

We will ask you about any dietary needs before your travel and we will do our best to ensure dietary restrictions and allergies are managed. Each trip has a customized Travel Info Form that includes sections for allergies and dietary restrictions. You can see a sample Travel Info Form here

You’ll be provided with the best possible alternatives in all included meals and snacks. You might consider bringing your additional supplements and snacks if you are traveling to an area where it might be difficult to find acceptable alternatives.

Visa requirements vary by country. We’ll let you know if a Visa is required for your particular destination. You can read more in the country specific information below. 

Country Specific Information


Many COVID restrictions were lifted in Costa Rica as of April 1, 2022, but masks are still required by law in many public spaces. Currently, you do not need a test or vaccination to enter Cost Rica.

The US Embassy in Costa Rica provides up to date information regarding re-entering the US from CR. 

Here are the general CDC international travel requirements regarding COVID

Travel Requirements

When you enter Costa Rica, you will need your passport and proof of exit intent within 90 days. (A round trip airline ticket fills this requirement.)

If you are a US or Canadian Citizen, you do not need a VISA to travel to Costa Rica. You can check the Costa Rica Visa requirements for citizens of other countries here.

Travel Alerts

You can find the most recent travel alerts at the US Embassy in Costa Rica website here


As of Tuesday 20 September 2022, it is no longer necessary to fill in the health control form to travel to Spain NOR to present the SpTH QR code when boarding or at the arrival airport. Up-to-date travel information for Spain can be found here.

Many COVID restrictions have been lifted, but masks are still required by law on public transportation and in certain public spaces including healthcare facilities.

The US Embassy in Spain provides up to date information regarding entry and exit requirements

Here are the general CDC international travel requirements regarding COVID

Travel Requirements

Spain is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that citizens of the USA and Canada (as well as many other countries) may enter Spain for up to 90 days for tourism or business without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. You must have sufficient funds and a return airline ticket.

You can find complete travel details including Travel Alerts at the US Department of State website.