Curated Group Travel for LGBTQ Women

Spend time with old friends and make a few new friends!

Lesmon Experience provides fun, exciting, restorative, adventurous trips that are inclusive and safe for LGBTQ women. We travel to LGBTQ friendly spots all over the world and as much as possible, we use queer-owned businesses for our local activities and accommodations.

With Lesmon Experience, you don’t have to plan anything other than your plane trip to the destination! We pick you up at the airport and take care of all the details for you. You will have the vacation of a lifetime with experiences beyond anything you’ve imagined!

The Lesmon Experience vision is to make the world a brighter, queerer, happier, and friendlier place. 

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Who is Lesmon Experience?

Montse Serrano and Aimee Bucher, the owners of Lesmon Experience, are serious business partners and romantic soulmates,  dedicated to making the world a happier and more LGBTQ-friendly place.

Montse grew up in Sabadell, a little town just outside Barcelona. She has worked as a therapist specializing in flower essences and has dedicated a large part of her life to volunteering at NGOs throughout Central America. She is a skilled photographer, an amazing chef, and one of the most meticulous and creative people you’ll ever meet. Aimee grew up in Ohio. She is a classically trained pianist and a professional life coach. She has worked as a band director, a marketing technologist, and has owned multiple businesses. Her laugh is infectious and she will tell you her purpose in this world is to create more happiness.

Aimee will tell you she never believed in soulmates until she met Montse. Montse will tell you she always believed in soulmates but never believed she would find her soulmate until she met Aimee. These two amazing women share everything, including their business ventures.  Montse originally started Lesmon Experience in 2020 with her friend, who is also named Montse. Lesmon Experience is now equally owned and operated by Montse and Aimee.

Together, Montse and Aimee provide an absolutely amazing experience for every traveler in their care. They bring their experience, their business-savvy, and their kindness to every part of the trip. They want you to feel refreshed and renewed by the end of your journey with them. 

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