About Lesmon Experience


At Lesmon Experience, our mission is to create safe, inclusive, and empowering travel experiences for LGBTQ+ women worldwide. We are dedicated to designing culturally enriching trips in collaboration with our local suppliers. Our goal is to celebrate diversity, foster meaningful connections, and promote positive social change through every journey we create. Through our commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and community engagement, we strive to be a trusted ally and advocate for LGBTQ+ women travelers, empowering them to explore the world with pride and confidence.


Our vision is to become the global leader in providing exceptional travel experiences for small, organized groups of LGBTQ+ women. We believe that traveling in small groups fosters intimacy, meaningful connections, and a sense of community. By keeping our groups small, we ensure that each traveler receives personalized attention, enjoys unique experiences, and feels supported throughout their journey. Our goal is to set the standard for inclusivity, empowerment, and adventure, creating unforgettable journeys that celebrate the diverse identities and shared experiences of LGBTQ+ women around the world, feeling safe for our travelers.

Our Environmental Ethics

We believe travel companies play a vital role in promoting environmentally responsible tourism that contributes to the preservation of our planet’s natural and cultural heritage. We adhere to five key Environmental Ethics

Educating Travelers

We provide educational resources to our travelers about sustainable travel practices, local conservation efforts, and cultural sensitivity to empower them to make responsible choices during their travels both with Lesmon and on their own.

Supporting Local Communities

We build partnerships with locally-owned businesses and community-based tourism initiatives to ensure that tourism dollars benefit local communities directly.

Protecting Animals

We do not promote activities that involve the exploitation or use of animals for tourism purposes unless these activities adhere to ethical practices, taking care to protect the animals’ welfare and their natural habitats.

Sustainable Tourism

We prioritize destinations and activities that promote sustainable tourism practices, including supporting local LGBTQ businesses, conserving natural resources, and minimizing negative impacts on local cultures and environments.

Conservation Efforts

We partner with conservation organizations or initiatives to support conservation efforts in the destinations we visit. This could involve participating in habitat restoration projects, wildlife conservation programs, or supporting initiatives to protect fragile ecosystems.

About Montse & Aimee

On a rooftop terrace in the heart of Barcelona

Aimee will tell you she never believed in soulmates until she met Montse. Montse will tell you she always believed in soulmates but never believed she would find her soulmate until she met Aimee. As these two amazing women discovered the depth of their connection and love, as they shared their passion as entrepreneurs, it only made sense that they go into business together.

Montse originally started Lesmon Experience in 2020 with friend who is also named Montse. Lesmon is now equally owned and operated by Montse and Aimee.


What does Lesmon mean?

Les is short for lesbian and Món is the Catalan word for world. The word Lesmon means Lesbian World. Of course, we welcome all LGBTQ women, including trans women and non-binary folks.