About Lesmon Experience

About Lesmon Experience

Lesmon Experiences was founded by two lesbian women who felt the world needed amazing, fun, safe experiences for LGBTQ women. We started Lesmon at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but then took a break because, well… the pandemic. Two years later, the world is weary and exhausted. Collectively, we have endured so much loss, pain, fear, and anxiety. It’s time to bring joy and fun back into our lives.

Our vision at Lesmon Experience is to bring more happiness into the lives of LGBTQ women. 

We provide fun, exciting, restorative, adventurous trips that are inclusive and safe. We travel to LGBTQ friendly spots all over the world. As much as possible, we use queer-owned businesses for our activities and accommodations. Through our trips, Lesmon Experience is making the world a brighter, queerer, happier, and friendlier place.

About Montse & Aimee

Aimee & Montse

Aimee will tell you she never believed in soulmates until she met Montse. Montse will tell you she always believed in soulmates but never believed she would find her soulmate until she met Aimee. As these two amazing women discovered the depth of their connection and love, as they shared their passion as entrepreneurs, it only made sense that they go into business together.

Montse originally started Lesmon Experience in 2020 with friend who is also named Montse. Lesmon is now equally owned and operated by Montse and Aimee

Lesmon Experience

What does Lesmon mean?

Les is short for lesbian and Món is the Catalan word for world. The word Lesmon means Lesbian World. Of course, we welcome all LGBTQ women and non-binary folks.