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Katie & Steph, Lesbian Love Story ❤️

Meet Katie and Steph, a captivating story of an adventurous married lesbian couple from Vancouver, Canada. They are the creative force behind the digital platform Lez See the World. Alongside their Maltese poodle, Theo, Katie and Steph traverse the globe on a journey of love and exploration, blending their diverse...

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Two lesbians sharing pasta, about to kiss

Finding Love Again: Navigating Dating as a Lesbian Mom

Embarking on a new romantic journey as a lesbian mother can be daunting, especially after experiencing a divorce and balancing the responsibilities of work and motherhood. However, with the right mindset, attitude, and approach, finding love again is not only possible but can also be a satisfying and rewarding experience....

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Lesbian family traveling

Family Adventures: A Guide for LGBTQ Women Traveling with Children

Select a Friendly Destination Research Destinations: Look for places that are inclusive and welcoming to the LGBTQ community. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, consider having your trip planned by an agency specialized in the LGBTQ community and specifically for women.  Lesmon Experience can do it...

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Personal Stories with Mana & Alejandra

Mana & Alejandra, Lesbian Love Story ❤️

From the serendipitous meeting on a dating app to enchanting proposals under the stars, their love story is nothing short of magical. Meet Mana and Alejandra Shaw-Rodríguez. Mana, 33, dedicates her days to empowering others through her work at a nonprofit, where she offers vital sexual health testing, education, and...

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smiling lesbians

Celebrating Lesbian Women: Strength, Resilience, and Unity

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s important to recognize and honor the diverse experiences and contributions of women around the world. LGBTQ women, in particular, have faced unique challenges and adversities throughout history, yet their resilience, courage, and solidarity have paved the way for progress and equality in all...

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At Lesmon Experience, our mission is to create safe, inclusive, and empowering travel experiences for LGBTQ+ women worldwide. We are dedicated to designing culturally enriching trips in collaboration with our local suppliers. Our goal is to celebrate diversity, foster meaningful connections, and promote positive social change through every journey we create. Through our commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and community engagement, we strive to be a trusted ally and advocate for LGBTQ+ women travelers, empowering them to explore the world with pride and confidence.