Love, Pizza, and Supermarket Sweep: Jessica and Hannah’s Delightful Story ❤️

Jessica Villm and Hannah Arnold have been together for almost three years, creating a life filled with love, laughter, and a dash of quirky charm in Denver, CO. Jessica, a 34-year-old veterinarian specialized in internal medicine, and Hannah, a 32-year-old nurse practitioner working in hospice and palliative care, share a bond that’s as heartwarming as it is entertaining. They happily live together with their 3 dogs and 2 cats!

Hannah knew she had fallen for Jess in a hilariously relatable moment. Picture this: Jess, munching on Costco single-serve pizzas in bed, both of them engrossed in a heated debate about the prices of food items on “Supermarket Sweep.” It was in that ordinary yet magical instance that Hannah realized her love for Jess.

Jessica, on the other hand, fondly remembers the first “I love you” exchange. After a heartfelt meeting with Hannah’s family, Jess teasingly asked, “Is there something you want to say?” when she caught Hannah staring at her with deep affection. Hannah didn’t hesitate and said, “I love you.” It was a sweet, genuine moment where both felt their connection deeply.

Dive into their story and discover how these endearing moments and shared laughter have woven together the beautiful tapestry of Jessica and Hannah’s love.


Names & Pronouns

Jessica Villm (she/her)
Hannah Arnold (she/her)

Let's break the ice! We're itching to hear the juicy details: How did your paths cross in this crazy world? Was it a classic meet-cute, a serendipitous encounter, or did fate have a little mischief up its sleeve?

We met through Bumble which seems classic in this day and age about 3 years ago.  

Jessica: I had just moved to Denver, CO after finishing my residency.  I was attracted to her witty humor in her profile! 

Hannah: I was confused by her many physical appearances on her profile page, and it was intriguing to say the least.  

Hanna (left) and Jessica (right) in San Diego, California, USA


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Alright, spill the beans! We're all suckers for a good romantic tale, so here's the scoop we're dying to hear: How long have you two lovebirds been fluttering around together, and who couldn't resist blurting out those three magical words first?

We have been together for almost 3 years! 

Hannah: I knew that I had fallen in love with Jess when she was eating Costco single serve pizzas on my bed one night while arguing about the prices of food items on “Supermarket Sweep”. 

Jessica: We argue about who said it first, because I said “is there something you want to say?” after she had been staring at me deeply after meeting her family. She then goes on to say, “I love you.” It was a sweet moment, because we both felt it strongly. 

LESMON: Sure, there are moments in life when, without warning, you realize you have found that special person. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a grand declaration or a spectacular gesture. It can be something as simple and everyday as a shared look during breakfast, a laugh while cooking together, or even a playful argument about the prices on “Supermarket Sweep.” It’s in those moments, wrapped in daily routines, that you feel a deep connection and an indescribable certainty. It’s there that you know, with a warm and comforting assurance, that this person is the right one for you.

Jessica & Hannah sharing a kiss in front of the famous mural El Món Neix en Cada Besada (The World Begins with Every Kiss) on a LESMON trip in Barcelona, Spain

Okay, I already know the answer to this one, but let's indulge the curious minds out there: Are you two officially engaged? And now, for the real scoop: spill the beans on your magical proposal story—who popped the question, how it all went down, and the grand finale—where's the big day going to take place?

We are engaged and will be getting married in September this year in Colorado! 

Jessica: We both knew we wanted individual proposals, so we popped the question individually about a week apart from each other. We both planned our proposals and had no idea that the other was also planning. My proposal to Hannah had to involve baseball, because she is absolutely obsessed with everything baseball, but we are too introverted to do a big proposal in front of an audience. I ended up proposing on the beach right before the game with a couple friends. I engraved two baseball jerseys with “Marry Me” and the other one said “I said yes!” (very presumptuous of me). It was a beautiful moment. We went to the game afterward, but I couldn’t pass up a billboard with “Congratulations Hannah and Jess on your engagement.” 

Hannah: I had to do a proposal that involved Yoda who is Jess’s soul cat. It was a comedy of errors, because I did it in a moment where she became very hungry, which was not the case 20 minutes before I had set up the proposal. I dressed up Yoda in a little bowtie and placed a chalkboard near Yoda which said, “can we keep her?” Jess immediately assumed that I was hiding a kitten and was very upset. After she realized what was actually happening, she said of course yes and starting crying. It was a moment of pure panic followed by happiness.

LESMON: In my opinion it really is adorable as the way Jessica and Hannah proposed to each other is absolutely heartwarming and filled with such tender originality. Jessica’s baseball-themed proposal on the beach showed a deep understanding of Hannah’s passions, turning it into a personal and unforgettable moment. The engraved jerseys added a special touch. Hannah’s proposal involving Jess’s beloved cat Yoda was equally endearing, mixing humor and heartfelt emotion even when Jess was a bit hangry. Their unique and meaningful proposals are a beautiful reminder of how love can be celebrated in personal ways, making their engagement story truly special.

Ah, the cherry on top! We're dying to know: Are you two lovebirds planning to whisk away on a romantic honeymoon? If so, spill the beans on your chosen destination and what it was like to make that dreamy decision. We're all ears for the inside scoop!

Hannah & Jessica sledding in Colorado, USA

We are planning a romantic honeymoon to Greece! We are so excited. We decided on a place that felt romantic but also safe for us to celebrate exactly how we wanted to celebrate. 

LESMON: I remember the exact moment when we were sailing off the coast of Barcelona during the trip. I mentioned that we were thinking of organizing a cruise in Greece, and you both looked at each other with approving smiles. So, we are not surprised at all!

Time for some wanderlust tales! What was the last important trip you two embarked on before the big day? Give us the deets on where you jetted off to and what made it a memorable journey!

So far, Barcelona with LESMON was certainly our best and most important trip.  First off, it was our first international trip together! That is a big trip, because you start to understand how your partner travels which is enlightening to say the least. 🙂 We didn’t want to plan every minute of the trip, because we wanted to be set up for a successful and non-stressful trip! This couldn’t have been more perfect with Lesmon.  We not only got to meet others who we knew were LGBTQ+ but also got to experience an amazing culture and location! 

LESMON: Thank you for sharing, Jessica and Hannah! We’re thrilled to hear that your Barcelona trip with us was such a memorable and significant adventure.  It’s wonderful to know that our planning helped create a stress-free and successful experience for you both. Meeting other LGBTQ+ travelers and immersing yourselves in the vibrant culture of Barcelona sounds absolutely perfect.

Yes, dear readers, we had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful couple during one of our trips to the city of Barcelona. Jessica and Hannah, we're eager to hear about your experience with LESMON and what made it special for you. Can you share with our readers what the entire process was like before the trip? We're sure they'd love to hear all about it!

It was an extremely easy process prior to leaving the country.  We did a video chat and immediately felt like it was a good fit for travel.  Amy and Montse are the most inviting people who immediately felt like family.  We had a bad experience at the airport, and they helped us every step of the way.  Montse really took control of making our experience unique and stress-free.  She went above and beyond to even planning a romantic, Michelin star dinner for us during our stay in Barcelona. We also received a gift package along with a notebook for fun scrapbook type documentation of our travels along with important information about the itinerary details and facts about Barcelona. 

LESMON: Thank you so much for your kind words, Jessica and Hannah! We are delighted to know that you felt at home with us from the beginning. We are happy to have achieved our goal of making everyone feel like family, and we’re glad we could help you with the airport issues. We’re pleased to hear that you enjoyed the romantic dinner and the gift package. Our goal is always to go one step further for our travelers.

Our guide, Montse, Hannah, and Jessica taking break while kayaking along Costa Brava, Spain

Could you both share some highlights and memorable moments from your Barcelona trip? We're all ears for those unforgettable experiences you had with LESMON!

Jessica: I really enjoyed kayaking on the Costa Brava.  This was a memory I will literally never forget.  

Hannah: I learned that I really love the architectural work of Antoni Gaudi. I also really enjoyed listening to Jess try to speak a different language.  It was surprisingly bad!  

Cap Roig Calella de Palafrugell, Spain


made up of several coves that still retain their charm. Calella de Palafrugell is one of the few towns on the Costa Brava where the atmosphere of the old fishing villages in the area is still preserved, before the arrival of mass tourism. This small fishing village is located on a rocky coast, composed of small coves, north of the Castell – Cap Roig natural area. It is ideal for walks, bicycle excursions, and kayak rides along the coast, allowing you to enjoy its spectacular landscape and turquoise and emerald waters

What has your experience been like traveling in small groups with other LGBTQ women? What makes this experience special for you?

We have always felt very safe around LGBTQ+ women knowing that we can be completely ourselves.  This was special, because we were able to invite another friend that we knew and made 3 other hopefully lifelong friends! 

LESMON: Thank you, Jessica and Hannah! We’re thrilled to hear you felt safe and could be yourselves. Traveling in small, organized groups allows for genuine connections and lifelong friendships, making each journey even more special.

What destinations are most interesting to you? And what do you prioritize when traveling?

Hannah: I really like to go to places that feel safe but also feel culturally different.  At the top of my list right now is Japan! I prioritize safety, comfort and entertainment.  

Jessica: I am interested in destinations that take me out of my daily life and make me experience something completely different! I love experiences and definitely prioritize this! 


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What destinations are on your wish list for this year or next? And what attracts you to those destinations?

Hannah: Japan and Thailand! 

Jessica: Of course, Greece but after the honeymoon Thailand is at the top of the list! 

LESMON: Stay tuned for the upcoming dates for our Thailand trip! It’s going to be an adventure-packed journey, including kayaking, visiting an elephant sanctuary, a Gibbon Rehabilitation project, snorkeling, and many more exciting activities…

Can you tell us an adventure or (positive) experience that you will never forget from a trip? where did it happen?

We both agreed on this memory.  We loved meeting the LGBTQ+ community in Sitges.  We literally sat down with incredible women and got to share our personal lives/goals but also received a new perspective on everything from cultural differences to politics.  This is the stuff that matters, and we got to speak to some of the most incredible LGTBQ+ people with amazing stories with the goal of just celebrating one another.  This was a moment we won’t forget.

LESMON:  At LESMON, we believe in the importance of traveling responsibly and immersing ourselves in the countries we visit. That is why we consider these meetings with the LGBTQ women’s communities in the destinations we explore essential for creating bonds, gaining a deeper understanding of the local reality, and supporting each other as a community.

Have you ever felt rebuked for openly showing your love? How did you handle it if that was the case?

Hannah: I have felt that way growing up in the Midwest. I moved to CO!

Jessica: I have felt that way with my family.  I confronted them and am still working on handling it every day.  

LESMON: There is still progress to be made in some environments regarding LGBTQ acceptance. Therefore, it is crucial to seek out support groups and connect with communities that share our experiences. Unity is essential in normalizing and embracing diversity. We recommend reviewing the 2023 U.S. National Survey on the Mental Health of LGBTQ Young People insights.

Do you have pets? What do you normally do when you travel with them?

We have 5! We have a housesitter, because as you can imagine Jess brings a lot of creatures home.

LESMON: LOL, We can imagine that

Hannah & Jessica in New York City, USA

Alright, time for the big finale! Have you got everything sorted out for the wedding?

Hannah: Thankfully, we have almost everything pretty well in order.  There is nothing but excitement at this point! I am sure Jess will start freaking out as we get closer. Haha!

LESMON: Yes, it’s likely, but as soon as she sees you arrive and you hold his hands, all that will fade away, and you’ll be together forever. It ‘s lovely!

Thank you so much, Jessica and Hannah, for taking the time to share your beautiful story with us, it was nice to know more about you.  We wish you a joyful and memorable wedding day, filled with love and happiness. Enjoy every moment of it, and we can’t wait to hear all the details! Wishing you a lifetime of love, understanding, and an amazing honeymoon.

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